Every Tusday at 2.30pm and 7:30pm, come to the N IONS MASTER LIVE MALL FB Live Streaming Platform to share your knowledge on anion health and how to use anions for health. See you there. =)


孩子总是精神不集中,跟不上学习,每晚只能开夜车复习,我很担心,长期熬夜和精神压力,会影响孩子的健康发育! 自从给孩子穿上负离子衣服后,注意力更集中了,孩子晚上也睡得更安稳,白天充满精神,比以前更健康活泼了! 负离子大师童装系列,给孩子最好的健康快乐成长!




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