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About Negative Ion Master

Establishment of Negative Ion Master Negative Ion Master was founded by GM Aw in 2015. We specialize in selling negative ion health products. Our company is located in Batu Pahat, Johor. Father-in-law's Sinus Surgery GM Aw 's father-in-law suffered from chronic sinusitis and required regular surgeries, which became increasingly frequent and disruptive to his life. Intrigued by negative ions, GM Aw installed a negative ion emitter on a negative ion lamp for his father-in-law to use, initially with a trial mindset. To their surprise, the father-in-law's condition improved shortly afterward, eliminating the need for surgery. Seeing the improvement in his family's health, Gm Aw became more determined to share the benefits of negative ions with others, aiming for everyone to have access to negative ion technology. 

Development of Negative Ion Products - Exclusive Patents Subsequently, Gm Aw delved into researching negative ions. After ten years of research, development, and refinement, he finally designed a set of negative ion emitters that emit the most balanced and extensive coverage of negative ions with minimal energy. In November 2015, Negative Ion Master officially launched its brand of negative ion air purification health lamps. The brand's negative ion health lamps also obtained patents in countries such as Malaysia (2017300003), Singapore (10201703626U), China (2017205400067), and Indonesia (S00201801925). Today, they have evolved into negative ion health devices. Negative Ion Master has since introduced various series including pain relief, sleep aid, air purification, antibacterial clothing, and antibacterial masks. 

Let the Products Speak 

GM Aw stated, "To build a good reputation, we must produce good products. Quality is crucial, and I don't need to sell; the products will sell themselves." To date, nearly 100,000 health lamps have been sold, with encouraging feedback, making Negative Ion Master the only company in Malaysia that sells the most negative ion products. Over 1000 locations nationwide, including schools, hotels, and restaurants, have adopted these health lamps. Negative Ion Master has also been featured on China Central Television and has received awards such as the Nanyang Brand Award. 

 Health is Paramount Many are aware that GM Aw's original trade was in furniture. He had a thriving career in the furniture industry for over 30 years with brands like Kimyee Furniture, Mixbox Furniture, Milano, Smart Kids, Red Star, Smart Home, and more. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, whether in good times or bad, GM Aw has persisted in doing the same things: learning, researching, and improving. This relentless effort has allowed him to establish a resilient business, Kimyee Furniture Industry Sdn Bhd, with Kimyee still being the flagship brand. Having been in the furniture industry since 1984, GM Aw recognized the importance of health as people age. Hence, he ventured into the negative ion healthcare industry. Active in Charity To give back to society, Ouyang Yanming has distributed numerous Smart Ionizer to schools, dialysis centers, centers for intellectually disabled children, and more to improve their environments. To date, over 400 primary schools have installed these Smart Ionizer. N Ions Master actively participates in charitable activities, contributing to education and supporting disadvantaged groups, setting an exemplary standard in the industry. Negative Ion Master sincerely invites you to join us in creating a better future together.


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