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Brand: Chengho Hotel

Product Code: 275-418-41

Viruses come, worry about going out unsafe, don't be afraid! Negative Ion Hotel helps you stay away from disease and improve your physical and mental safety!
The first negative ion hotel in Malaysia --- 100% negative ion energy product equipment and settings

Feel like you're in a green forest and enjoy the ecologically graded negative ion air environment closest to nature

Negative Ion Hotel - is the first hotel in Malaysia with all-round negative ions, the hotel negative ion coverage of 70%, and the room negative ion energy of 100%

A night's rest at a negative ion hotel makes you feel like you're in a forest, filling your body with negative ion energy. Negative Ion Hotel is fully installed with negative ion health lamps to emit full negative ions, improve air and environmental quality, so that the hotel to maintain fresh air.

Hotel rooms provide negative ion pillows, negative ion pillows, negative ion energy bedding, negative ion air purification health instrument, negative ion sofa, let you relax all night, reduce irritability and improve sleep, especially suitable for business people who work outside and want to improve health.

By releasing negative ions, our negative ion products improve health benefits, improve the prevention of respiratory diseases, improve sleep, antioxidant, anti-aging, removal of free fundamentals in the body, etc. Negative ions in the medical community enjoy "vitamin oxygen" "air vitamins" "longevity" "air vitamins" and other beauty, is one of the most important aspects of health care.

In the current outbreak, with the negative ion environment, staying in a negative ion hotel can also reduce the spread of germs, so that guests live more at ease, and we will also for every customer staying, send our star products - negative ion energy antibacterial mask!

The negative ion hotel has:

  • Negative ion energy bed sheet
  • Negative ion sheets
  • Negative ion pillow
  • Negative ion air purification health instrument

For more details, contact us now!

The hotel is located

Cheng Ho Hotel

No 101 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock melaka, 75200

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